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Covid-19 Terms and Conditions of Hire


These are in addition to our regular terms and conditions of hire which can be found here at : https://www.rsbounce.co.uk/pages/terms-and-conditions-of-hire.php


As from 19/07/2021 both our National and local Governments have confirmed that we are allowed to hire again as normal subject to some changes which will improve safety all round.


But as Government advice may change in the future, then we reserve the right for our safety policies to be reviewed to reflect any changes that are either compulsory or optional.


Here at Ready Steady Bounce Ltd we want everyone to feel safe during these difficult times. All of our staff have now been double vaccinated to give you extra peace of mind, and minimize any risks.


Before delivery, all our hire equipment will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with industry-approved sanitiser. This could mean that equipment received may be slightly damp or wet upon delivery. However, it should dry within 5 - 10 minutes.


Our equipment hire service may have a limited selection and be more limited in scope, we will keep an eye on this and make any necessary updates.


Each inflatable will be hired only once, and will be available to no one else prior to complete sanitation.


This is a strict rule of Ready Steady Bounce Ltd to clean everything before the next hire.


For your safety and that of ours, we have extended our Terms and Conditions for Hire. Equipment hirers must agree to these conditions. These will be reviewed and updated as and when national/local Government regulations change ( hopefully they don't crying).


Before you hire, you must agree to the terms and conditions. These will not be printed copies as normal on the day to avoid risk.


1. Access to equipment/site must be open and clear for delivery. We need to be at the site at least 30 minutes before guests arrive and 15 minutes after they depart to set up and take down.


2. We will need a power source. If required, we can supply an extension lead with a disinfected plug.


3. Customers are required to observe social distancing rules during set-up/take-down.


4. All payments must be made on the day preferably by bank transfer to avoid handling cash.


5. We will ask that the inflatable be left up upon collection. The inflatable will be removed from the rental fleet for adequate time to allow us to deep clean it.


6. If any of your guests feel unwell and/or have a high temperature then you must inform us immediately, then inform us if it is a confirmed case of covid 19.


Hand sanitizer will be carried by our delivery personnel. They will use appropriate PPE for every delivery and collection. After use.


All accessories and inflatables will be cleaned before use. Customers who do not agree to the above terms and conditions will not be allowed to book. If the above conditions are not met, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver any hired item. In these cases, no refunds will be given.


If you have any questions then please Contact us on: 07878264730
Email: info.rsbounce@gmail.com  and we will do our best to help.




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